Section 1.0 : Executive Summary

Smart finger is a biometric security product  providing solutions to record attendance registration and security propose . Smart finger differentiates itself by using our smart application. This approach processes and expresses the details of someone's finger as a unique algorithm, rather than matching it against a stored image on a database. This process will eliminate the need to store images of millions of individual fingerprints on a database, reduce operating costs, and maximize system-wide efficiency. Our process will allow for seamless integration of biometric security into existing systems, and enable secure virtual transactions.
Smart finger  will offer several biometric solutions designed to compliment our Exigency Process and facilitate biometric accuracy and security in any environment.

Enjoys several key competitive advantages over the competition, including:

1)  Reader Manager
Manage reader hardware communication
Fingerprint management
Export transaction (manual / scheduled)
Retrieve transaction from reader
2) Time Attendance Function
Employee profile management
Retrieve transaction from reader
Unlimited section shift definitions
Definable overtime rates and rounding hours
Flexible in / out time and attendance entitlement control.
Definable global rest day and off day
Public holiday
Time attendance report generator
Access user domain
3) Time attendance reporting
Clocking transaction
Incomplete clocking
Rest & OFF day
Time attendance summary

1.1 Mission
  • Protection - Smart Finger security systems authorize only users who can be positively identified via their fingerprint alone. Our Exigency Process ensures that there is no data available for potential loss or theft.
  • Privacy - Our Exigency Process converts fingerprints into complex mathematical algorithms which exist only for fractions of a second.
  • Flexibility - Our solutions are developed to operate over any mix of network and system infrastructures, enabling seamless integration into existing systems.

1.2 Keys to Success
  • All patent applications complete and approved.
  • Receive implementation contract for a financial institution or government branch.
  • Steady Research and Development funding, to maintain a broad and diverse product line.
  • Emphasis on marketing campaigns, in order to reach untapped markets, and new customers.

1.3 Objectives
  • Receive capital injection during the first year.
  • Generate huge sales by third year of operation.
  • To make Smart Finger verification systems widely used transactional tokens by year five.
  • To make the Smart Finger device the number one selling biometric device by year five.
  • To expand internationally, licensing and distributing products and solutions worldwide by year ten.